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This week The Blindnamic Duo are exiting the blind shrine and taking a trip to the mouse house!


That's right, almost two weeks after its launch, Marc and Jan are ready to give their initial thoughts on Disney+! What accessibility issues is Marc having, how has Jan benefited from some of the accessibility features (despite being fully-sighted) and what content have they enjoyed the most?


Both The Blind Avenger and Guiding Goddess break down what Disney got right and what they still need to work on in this jam-packed episode. If that wasn't enough, we also welcome our first ever guest contributor Matt Dierckens. Find out what another blind user of the service thinks of their Apple TV app.


We cover this, shout-out our youngest fans and share someone's issue with The Blindnamic Duo parking in an accessible parking spot... despite having a permit on full display. (Gee, who's blind now?!)


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(Episode art: An image depicts a mouse-sized stick figure of Marc on the left side saying, "Jan?" On the right side, a normal-sized stick figure of Jan replies, "Marc?" The words "It's a small world after all" are written in big letters above the scene. The sketch was drawn by Marc Rocheleau, who is completely blind.)

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This week on the Blind Luminations podcast, Marc and Jan are discussing some recent adventures!


The Blindnamic Duo attended a couple of public events last weekend and are ready to break down their experiences. First up is the Canadian premiere of independent film Last Call, directed by the area's own Gavin Michael Booth. Following this, we're all about getting our comic on by covering the Windsor Comicon. Hear about Marc and Jan's adventures, how he shot a stormtrooper in the head... repeatedly and  what should be considered for events like these. The two also cover stairs (quite thoroughly) and how perceptions of a parking garage can change depending on eyesight. (Is that Jason hiding behind a pillar over there?)


The podisode era begins with all of this and more, including a shout-out to the podcast's youngest fan! Don't be a dingleberry: Listen and subscribe wherever great podcasts are found.  Next week we'll be getting healthy and discussing Marc's experiences undergoing different medical tests and procedures. (The best was the time it felt like he wet his pants!) 


Links We Mentioned This Week


- Last Call (2019 film) on facebook

- Windsor Comicon website

- Fight Like Mason Foundation website

- There Might Be Cupcakes podcast website


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(Episode Art: Stick figures of Marc and Jan appear on a comic book cover. On the top left of the comic, a rectangle contains the letters "BL" while #1 is written below in an area sectioned off within the shape. To the right of the rectangle, "The Blindnamic Duo" is written with each word taking up one line each. The words "The Podisode Era Begins!" are written below where Marc and Jan are standing. The sketch was drawn by Marc, who is completely blind, with an assist from Jan to make sure the comic book elements didn't overlap.)

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