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We're boarding the polar express and getting into the holiday spirit on this week's podisode!


It's time for The  Blindnamic Duo to talk all about the trials and tribulations of Christmas shopping! Hear the extra steps Marc has to take when buying for his sighted wife as a blind man. On the flip side, hear how easy it can be for Jan to buy something for him without his knowledge whatsoever! While both things require craftiness, they create very different situations as well.


From going across the city with friends to hiding gifts in plain sight and figuring out workarounds along the way, this week's show has plenty of stories to keep you amused as visions of sugar plum fairies and jingle cats haunt your nightmares. Just think of us as the Christmas brightener-uppers!


Beyond this, The Blind Avenger and Guiding Goddess also talk about gifts of Christmas past, different surprises beyond the holy season and Wendy's bacon mushroom melt again! (This includes our first ever retraction... we're still open to a sponsorship though if you're listening, Wendy's.)


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(Episode art: An image depicts a stick figure of Marc on the left side saying, "You got me a candy caneForget?" On the right side, a stick figure of Jan is holding a white cane with stripes and replies, "Yep!" The words "Christmas Surprises" are written in big letters above the scene. The sketch was drawn by Marc Rocheleau, who is completely blind.)

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We're out of the wilderness and heading inside for more fun on vacation!


This week, the Blindnamic Duo covers its many experiences with vacationing indoors. What are the perks of travelling with someone who is blind? What experiences are interesting for Marc? Where have he and Jan's various trips taken them and what were some of the things they weren't ready for?


We've got the answers to all of this and more, along with anecdotes about making Marc think it's raining, receiving an offer of cash on a street corner and why he hates his grade five music teacher so much. (He's not too crazy about Celine Dion either!)


We also tackle our first question ever from social media, exploring what it's like when the blind guy is under the influence. Subscribe and listen now for a jam packed episode! 


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(Episode Art: A stick figure of Marc yells "Ayeee!" as he falls off A bus on the left side of the image. Standing on the right, a stick figure of Jan yells, "Oh no!" The words "What A Trip!" are written in big letters at the top of the page. The blind sketch was drawn by Marc, who is completely blind.)

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It's a touchy feely episode this week... but not in the way you might expect.

Marc and Jan are ready to talk about their busy weekend before getting into the nitty gritty about the touching... oh the horror of all the touching! Anyway, ever wonder how someone's personal space evaporates after they go blind? If so, this episode has you covered! It's all about stranger danger, cold pricklies, perception and pet peeves this week so come along for the ride. (Just don't touch us... okay?) 

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0:00 Episode start

0:24 Host introductions

1:23 What the podcast is all about

3:15 What we've been up to

19:50 Topic of the week: Blindness leads to a touchy subject

47:17 Random aside about video games

55:30 Where to find us on social media

57:43 Where people can download and subscribe to the podcast

58:47 Final goodbyes and closing credits


(This week's episode art shows Stick figures of Marc and Jan waiting for a bus as another stick figure approaches them on a sunny day. The stranger asks Marc if he wants a massage as he replies “Help me?” and Jan laughs. This sketch was drawn by Marc, who is completely blind.)

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