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Where does Marc get all of his wonderful toys? Find out as The Blindnamic Duo explore the fantastical world of accessible technology!


From computers to phones and smart speakers to talking pen thingies, there's a lot available to help the blind with everyday tasks. Hear all about some of the things Marc uses to make his life a bit easier and what Jan thought of some of his accessible tech when she first met him. What are some of the ways the blind read money? How can they get information on food packaging and even the colour of clothes they wear? Why wouldn't Marc ride in a self-driving car? It might not be for the reason you think!


Although there's more accessible tech than we have time to cover in one episode, we do our best to tackle information about the computer, internet, cell phones, smart devices and beyond! All this and the celebration of a podcasting milestone. Whatever could it be? There's only one way to find out!


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(Episode art: An image depicts a stick figure of Marc on the left side saying, "Forget Alexa, iLove you!" On the right side, a stick figure of Jan replies by saying, "Awwwwwwwwww!" The words "Marc Is A Smart Speaker" are written in big letters above the scene. The sketch was drawn by Marc Rocheleau, who is completely blind.)

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This week on the Blind Luminations podcast, Marc and Jan are discussing some recent adventures!


The Blindnamic Duo attended a couple of public events last weekend and are ready to break down their experiences. First up is the Canadian premiere of independent film Last Call, directed by the area's own Gavin Michael Booth. Following this, we're all about getting our comic on by covering the Windsor Comicon. Hear about Marc and Jan's adventures, how he shot a stormtrooper in the head... repeatedly and  what should be considered for events like these. The two also cover stairs (quite thoroughly) and how perceptions of a parking garage can change depending on eyesight. (Is that Jason hiding behind a pillar over there?)


The podisode era begins with all of this and more, including a shout-out to the podcast's youngest fan! Don't be a dingleberry: Listen and subscribe wherever great podcasts are found.  Next week we'll be getting healthy and discussing Marc's experiences undergoing different medical tests and procedures. (The best was the time it felt like he wet his pants!) 


Links We Mentioned This Week


- Last Call (2019 film) on facebook

- Windsor Comicon website

- Fight Like Mason Foundation website

- There Might Be Cupcakes podcast website


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(Episode Art: Stick figures of Marc and Jan appear on a comic book cover. On the top left of the comic, a rectangle contains the letters "BL" while #1 is written below in an area sectioned off within the shape. To the right of the rectangle, "The Blindnamic Duo" is written with each word taking up one line each. The words "The Podisode Era Begins!" are written below where Marc and Jan are standing. The sketch was drawn by Marc, who is completely blind, with an assist from Jan to make sure the comic book elements didn't overlap.)

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This week the Blindnamic Duo are getting down to business and talking accessibility on the internet!


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but why does it sometimes need more than 100 characters? Marc gets fired up about captchas, Jan relates the internet to architecture and the two delve into the staggering statistic that 70% of websites are inaccessible to the blind.


All of this, plus find out what it feels like when robots cry. (Here's a hint: They see sparks!) Listen and subscribe to get all future episodes as soon as they are released. Next week is all about books, so prepare to find out how Marc and Jan get their nerd on!


Links We Mentioned This Week


- Domino's Pizza Delivers A Game Changing Case To The U.S. Supreme Court 

- New Research Shows How The Internet Is Unavailable To Blind Users

- Lego's Playsets Are Now Accessible To People Who Are Blind


Oh yeah, follow us on social media if you haven't already! We're on Facebook at, along with Twitter at and Instagram at While you're at it, why not visit our website at too?


(Episode Art: On the left side of the image, a computer sits on a table with the words "Missile Armed" on its monitor. Standing on the right, a stick figure of Marc says, "Um... Jan?" The words "Accessibility Is Important" are written above the scene. The sketch was drawn by Marc, who is completely blind.)

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