Break out your party hats and do a jig because The first episode of Blind Luminations is finally here! Hoping to shed a little light on blindness, Marc (the blind guy) and his sighted wife Jan talk about their experiences dealing with this disability.

Kicking things off with the winning topic of a social media poll, the two go in depth about how Marc became blind in the first place. Listen to some of the initial struggles he's gone through and continues to deal with some 18 years later. Of course there's plenty of fun along the way as well: You can't beat stories about Dr. Evil as a male nurse and a flatulent hospital roommate!


0:25 Host introductions

1:33 What this podcast is all about

2:18 An explanation for Marc's blind sketch episode art

3:55 How we decided on this week's main topic

5:40 What Marc and Jan have been  up to

15:23 How Marc went blind

32:31 Assorted comments about Marc's story

44:57 How listeners will influence future shows

48:16 Where to find us on social media

50:11 Clips in Overcast app for iOS

51:58 Final goodbyes and credits


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(Episode artwork was drawn by the blind wonder, Marc Rocheleau. It depicts two stick figures of Marc and Jan sauying hi with the words "First Episode" written at the top of the image.)

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