It's a touchy feely episode this week... but not in the way you might expect.

Marc and Jan are ready to talk about their busy weekend before getting into the nitty gritty about the touching... oh the horror of all the touching! Anyway, ever wonder how someone's personal space evaporates after they go blind? If so, this episode has you covered! It's all about stranger danger, cold pricklies, perception and pet peeves this week so come along for the ride. (Just don't touch us... okay?) 

Be sure to follow all of our social media followables like Facebook at, Twitter at and Instagram at With so much interactivity between the three, it's like taking home Blind Luminations: Party Edition! 


0:00 Episode start

0:24 Host introductions

1:23 What the podcast is all about

3:15 What we've been up to

19:50 Topic of the week: Blindness leads to a touchy subject

47:17 Random aside about video games

55:30 Where to find us on social media

57:43 Where people can download and subscribe to the podcast

58:47 Final goodbyes and closing credits


(This week's episode art shows Stick figures of Marc and Jan waiting for a bus as another stick figure approaches them on a sunny day. The stranger asks Marc if he wants a massage as he replies “Help me?” and Jan laughs. This sketch was drawn by Marc, who is completely blind.)

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