There ain't no feast like a poutine feast!

Inspired by their recent trip to Poutine Feast Windsor (YQG represent yo,) Marc and Jan are breaking down their favourites before getting into the messy, juicy, delectable topic of food! Well, more food actually... 

The two go over what it's like to eat when you're blind and you might be surprised at how much your eyes influence your mouth. How do you tell someone where their food is on a plate? Why do restaurants give Marc anxiety? What's available to help food preparation for the blind? What are the advantages when it comes to not seeing food? It's all in this (strawberry) jam packed episode so listen up, buttercup!

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0:00 Episode start

0:25 Host introductions

0:41 How Darth Vader uses the force to chill out

3:01 What the show is all about

3:49 What Jan would do with the Reality Gem

6:30 Poutine Feast Windsor

17:01 Topic Of The Week: Eating When You're Blind

51:44 Blind taste test

56:09 Where to find us on social media

57:26 Last goodbyes and closing credits


(Episode art shows stick figures of Marc and Jan at Poutine Feast. The stick figure man working at Herbert's Fries' truck says "Bonjour" to the couple. Marc comments "They must be french fries!" Jan replies by saying "Ugh..." disgustedly. The drawing was done by Marc, who is completely blind... and fixed slightly by Jan.) 

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