It's time for a Care Bear countdown! Here's a new episode in 5, 4, 3, 2... 1!


Oh wait, did we get that wrong? On this week's episode, Jan actually bares all about caring. More specifically, the sighted half of this relationship shares her perspective on being a caregiver to a blind husband. Beyond dealing with the normal things that make a marriage with Marc annoying, she also has an entirely different set of issues to deal with. How does she do it and what impact does it have on the couple's marriage?

Also, Jan looks at disability as a love of country music, how she thinks anyone can do what she does and probably better (she's not a great caregiver-- examples given!), and looking toward the future because she thinks they have it easier than others without disabilities.


The Blind Luminations Team (BLT? Hmmmmm... I smell a branding opportunity) don't claim to have all the answers, but they aren't afraid to be honest either. Enjoy all of this and more in our latest episode of the podcast.


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(Episode art by Marc Rocheleau. Two stick figures of Marc and Jan stand together. Marc says, "You give me lots of TLC" and Jan replies "Don't go chasing waterfalls!" Caregiving is also written at the top of the blind sketch.)

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