The Episode About Described Video

Ever wonder how a blind person "watches" movies or TV without being confused by what's going on?

Fret not faithful Luminati, your two favourite lumineers are here to light the way! This week, Marc and Jan are going to the movies and getting descriptive to give you the answers you want. Find out what descriptive video is, how it works for movie theatres, TV screens, streaming services and what benefits or drawbacks there are with this solution for the blind.

We've come a long way from Jan describing 40-Year-Old Virgin to Marc (yes, there's a totally awesome story behind that, by the way) but there's still plenty of work to do! All of this and a follow-up to The Episode About Eating Blind await, so click, subscribe, download and enjoy our theatre of the earholes that we call a podcast!


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Episode Links


TV for all: how a Canadian company is making TV better for people with visual impairments -


Time Stamperidoos


0:00 - Episode start

0:24 Introductions

4:10 What we've been up to

17:36 Topic of the week

61:11 A Follow-up on The Episode About Eating Blind

68:01 Where to find us on social media

68:36 Apologies for late episode/Difference between Jan and Marc's body temperatures

70:06 Final goodbyes and closing credits


(Episode art: A stick figure of Marc says "I'm glad that Fred and Charlotte hooked up!” Jan’s stick figure replies, "I think you got the wrong headset.” At the bottom of the image, "After Avengers: end Game" is written  and "Blind Spoilers" is written at the top. This sketch was drawn by Marc, who is completely blind.)

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