The Dixie Chicks once sang about wide open spaces but sometimes it's not as easy for the blind.


On this week's episode Marc (The Blind Guy himself) and his sighted-wife Jan talk about the trials and tribulations of public spaces. From avoiding clubs because of noise and learning how to navigate a massive pop culture convention, we tackle it all.


Why is the mall a source of anxiety for Marc and like a parting of the sea for Jan? Just how important is a good navigator really? When should a blind person not joke about threatening to hit his wife? Then there's the most important question of all: What happens when your guide forgets what they're doing and leaves you behind? (Okay, so that last one is oddly specific, we admit.)


Either way, we have the answers for all of these questions and more, so get your earholes ready for some audio goodness!


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(Episode Art: A stick figure of Marc is holding the handle of a shopping cart and says, "Jan?" Meanwhile, a stick figure of Jan is laying underneath the cart saying, "Owwwww..." "Blind Shopping" is written in big letters at the top of the image. The sketch was drawn by Marc, who is completely blind.)

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