From apps on your phone to  landmarks on the ground, there are many ways to navigate using objects  and with sounds!


After realizing they didn't cover everything the day after their last episode (at 3 in the morning no less,) Marc and Jan are back with some more navigating fun! Find out how Marc actually navigates in a grocery store (no, he doesn't just drive a cart by himself,) what he  would do without a guide, the proper technique to using a cane, which objects cause him the most pain when he runs into them and which mistakes are (or aren't) funny.


If that wasn't enough, we share how Marc provides directions to drivers despite being blind, his ability to sense if someone's travelled too far and why his brain is superior to everyone else's... well except for the whole being blind thing. Yeah, that's a pretty big one.


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Blind Abilities Super Duper Extra: Spider-Man: Far From Home is Here And Audio Describer Roy Samuelson Spins His Own Web on Audio Description -


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(Episode Art: A stick figure of Jan is driving a shopping cart towards a stick figure of Marc as she yells "REVENGE!" He responds, "Jan...?" while not realizing what's going on. "Blind Shopping 2 (The Reckoning)" is written in large letters at the top of the image. The sketch was drawn by Marc, who is completely blind.)

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