We're out of the wilderness and heading inside for more fun on vacation!


This week, the Blindnamic Duo covers its many experiences with vacationing indoors. What are the perks of travelling with someone who is blind? What experiences are interesting for Marc? Where have he and Jan's various trips taken them and what were some of the things they weren't ready for?


We've got the answers to all of this and more, along with anecdotes about making Marc think it's raining, receiving an offer of cash on a street corner and why he hates his grade five music teacher so much. (He's not too crazy about Celine Dion either!)


We also tackle our first question ever from social media, exploring what it's like when the blind guy is under the influence. Subscribe and listen now for a jam packed episode! 


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(Episode Art: A stick figure of Marc yells "Ayeee!" as he falls off A bus on the left side of the image. Standing on the right, a stick figure of Jan yells, "Oh no!" The words "What A Trip!" are written in big letters at the top of the page. The blind sketch was drawn by Marc, who is completely blind.)

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