In honour of children skipping merrily back to school, The Blindnamic Duo is all about books this week!


From narration to braille or productions with sound effects to text-to-speech, there are several ways for the blind to enjoy a good book. Marc and Jan explore their experiences with certain formats, services and explain the situations each one creates. What do both prefer and why?


How does Marc enjoy comic books and what happens when he has to explain them? How can his reading habits spoil a book for Jan? When do things become more challenging and why should Thanos read children's books? We also digress into talking about church and the size of Marc's head somehow.


Listen and subscribe today for all this and more! We also  introduce a brand new member of the team as they kick off phase one of the Blind Luminations Podematic Universe! (Be sure to listen to the end of this episode as well... unless you are still trying to avoid Avengers: End Game spoilers for some reason.) We'll be back next week to talk about podcasts.


Links We Mentioned This Week


- Graphic Audio - A Movie In Your Mind

- It's Not What It Looks Like by Molly Burke on


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(Episode Art: On the left of the image, Marc chants "Egghead likes her bookie wook!" On the right side, Jan throws a book at Marc with the word "Bitten" written on the cover. As it flies at him, she yells, "ReadTHIS, blind man!" The words "Book Smarts" are written above the scene. 

The sketch was drawn by Marc, who is completely blind.)

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