This week on Blind Luminations we're talking about how Marc learnt to be blind.


While most of his teenage friends were taking their first steps into adulthood, Marc was literally learning to navigate his surroundings after going blind at the age of 19. Join us as we go  into our way back machine and explore a time before Marc met Jan in college.


Find out what the blind guy did to adapt, what he thinks of friends who left him behind and how long it took for him to get truly comfortable with being blind. As a bonus, hear some methods for how the blind sort their clothes and what goes into picking the right white cane.


The Blindnamic Duo tackles all these stories, details and more (like freaking out friends with your old pair of eyeglasses) along with a major announcement that will change the very face of this podcast... forever! Don't be a dingleberry: Subscribe and listen today!


Links We Mentioned This Week


- The Episode About How Marc Went Blind

- The Canadian National Institute for the Blind


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(Episode Art: On the left side of the image, Yoda stands and says, "You must unlearn wwhat you have learned." On the right side of the image, a stick figure of Marc holds his white cane in the air like a lightsaber as it glows. "Yo da man, Yoda!" is written in big letters above the scene. The sketch was drawn by Marc, who is completely blind.)

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