In a podisode that pits fact against fiction, The Blindnamic Duo explores the reality of blindness when compared to its portrayal in entertainment.


Learning more about their unique thoughts, Marc and Jan pick each other's brains about perceptions of the blind in pop culture and beyond! What characters did The Blind Avenger find empowering and which depictions were not so great? How did the Guiding Goddess view the visually-impaired in different forms of media before and after she met Marc? What creates a fully-fleshed out character with a disability and how is Hollywood dropping the ball when it comes to representing visual-impairment? (Here's a hint: There isn't just perfect vision or nothing, folks!)


The two also delve into several anecdotes while tackling some classic scenes with blind characters. All of this before talk of how others take certain content, an actor's responsibility when playing disabled characters and how Marc's sighted days influence his opinions of past films.


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(Episode art: An image depicts a stick figure of Jan using Marc's sunglasses and white cane  on the left side while saying, "Hey look! I'm blind!" On the right side, a stick figure of Marc replies back, "You know I can't!" The words "Blind Acting" are written in big letters above the scene. The sketch was drawn by Marc Rocheleau, who is completely blind.)

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