They may be late for Valentine's, but The Blindnamic Duo still thinks it's a great day for a blind wedding.


On this week's podisode, Marc and Jan talk all about what went into planning their big jump into holy matrimony. What extra steps were required to make the big day accessible for someone who is blind? You might be surprised at the answers. Covering almost everything from the proposal to the first kiss and beyond (Get your minds out of the gutters, sickos,) this podisode is stuffed tighter than a wedding bouquet!


We also share plenty of random asides and stories along the way. This includes the Tesseract/cosmic cube, how Marc picked out his groomsmen's tuxedo colour and (along with Jan) ensured their wedding ceremony wouldn't set the church on fire. Also, did we mention watching Velocipastor? Okay, so maybe we buried the lead there.


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(Episode Art: An image depicts a stick figure of Jan in her wedding gown on the left as she says, "you can't see the bride before the wedding!" On the right, a stick figure of Marc wearing a bowtie replies, "don't worry, I can't!" The words "Advantages Of Blind Love" are written in big letters above the scene. The sketch was drawn by Marc Rocheleau, who is completely blind.)

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