First there were episodes and then we introduced the podisode. Now we're proud to present our very first... Janisode!


That's right, Lumineers! Jan is ditching the dead weight and striking out on her own. Join the Guiding Goddess as she explores The pods for applause and shares her thoughts on the podcasts she's recently listened to. While it isn't a full episode, it definitely packs a punch! (Would you expect anything less from one half of The Blindnamic Duo?)


From gypsy funerals to Canadian true crime, listen to this first (of many) bonus Janisodes! Stay tuned for our next podisode as well. The Blindnamic Duo will discuss what it's like for Marc to be a blind journalist soon!


Links To Podcasts Jan Mentioned


- Revisionist History podcast

- Caskets & Cocktails podcast

- Cabinet Of Curiosities podcast

- Dark Poutine podcast

- Nothing Ever Happens In Canada podcast

- Canadian True Crime podcast


By the way, aside from our usual audio awesomeness, you can also find us on social media! Check us out on facebook at, twitter at and Instagram at You'll be glad you did!


(Janisode art: A thick question mark sits in the outline of a pair of headphones. Beneath this main image, the words "The Pods For Applause" are written. This drawing was done by Jeannette Rocheleau, who is completely sighted.)

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