Who We Are

Marc is a freelance journalist who is completely blind. He loves comics, wrestling (maybe a love/hate thing), music, Netflix (thanks Audio Description), and listening to podcasts. U2, Tenacious D, Spider-Man, and Arnold Schwarzenegger all hold a special place in his weird geeky heart. He is the technician, editor and basically does 90% of the work to put out the podcast. 

Jan is a customer service representative who is completely sighted. She loves Netflix, reading, art, corny jokes, listening to all sorts of music (don't knock bagpipes, please), and gets bored way too quickly. Doctor Who, Jim Byrnes, Bunny Butt Fridays, bacon, and chocolate are important to her continued survival. She is the art scanner, visual editor, but basically does 10% of the work to put out the podcast. 

Together, they are a married couple who have fun and experience the highs and lows of life with each other. Every week they sit down to tolerate one another long enough to record a podcast on their experiences, laughing and telling jokes along the way. Seriously, they love comic book movies-- Jan is still convinced Hawkeye will always save the day. They enjoy getting lost together-- Marc is the navigator in the vehicle, Jan is the one who was pretty sure they should have turned left until 10 minutes after they turned left. Trolls is their go-to movie to watch together, at the moment. 

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